How To Make Money Online " For Free "

Making Money Online

Thanks to the internet, there are many opportunities where you can make money online without making any payments or giving away credit card information. You can earn money online from home or your office by writing articles online, participating in surveys, uploading videos, and through selling your stuff. In this article, I am going to explain to you the different methods of earnings and how to achieve them and be successful.

What You Might Need First

Before starting your online journey, there are two things that you will most probably find useful and need to be able to accumulate and receive money that you earn. Some of the methods that will be mentioned might need additional requirements, which I will mention accordingly. On the other hand, some methods might not need the stuff that are mentioned below.
1) Paypal account: The easiest way to redeem your earned money is through Paypal. If you already don't know what is Paypal, consider it to be an online wallet or bank account, where you can deposit and withdraw money from it safely and easily. A Paypal account can be connected to your "real" bank account as well, incase you want to transfer your earned money to your bank account. Any method that allows the use of Paypal will be noted.
2) Google Adsense Account: Having a Google Adsense account will allow you to display advertisements (ads) on a website,video,blog or article. Some methods will have the option to integrate your Adsense account and generate even more revenue. Methods that allow Google Adsense integration will be also noted.

Write Articles

Are you talented in writing high quality and interesting articles, or you want to start developing your writing skills? If so, then you can start writing and making money from your published articles! There are a lot of websites on the internet that pay you for publishing high quality articles. After four years of experimenting with many of websites, I have found some that pay well, specially if your high quality articles get decent amounts of traffic. I have listed below recommended websites that you can join for free to start earning by writing articles.

Participate in Online Surveys

There are many survey websites that allows you to sign up with them and promise to send out survey invitations, and if you qualify and finish the survey, you are rewarded with the promised monetary payment. However, keep in mind that many of these websites are scam and there are no proof that payments are sent. From my experience, I have signed up for a few survey websites that actually paid me through Paypal, and there is a link below for my other article about my top websites to sign up for if you are interested in the survey money making business. They are actually the easiest way of making money online in my opinion, considering you have enough time and are determined to earn some extra, easy money.
Click here to view my article on my top 3 survey sites.

Write on blogs

If you have great writing skills, and you have the time to write and post almost daily, then blogging is a good option for you to try. Although it is not like Hubpages in most of its features, it is still comparable in that if you get more traffic to your site or blog, you earn from ads placed on them. One of the most popular blogging sites is Google Blogger. You can sign up with a Google account, and you can also integrate your Google AdSense account to your blog. Keep in mind that it is a tedious method, and it might take you some time, probably months, to start developing a fan base and begin to notice a rise in page views. All you need is determination and commitment. There are many free blogging sites online, just a quick Google search will get you whatever you want. Moreover, you can click here to check this article if you want to have your own website and start a blog on it!

Other ways to make money online

There are plenty of methods to make money online and, some of the common ways of making money online other than the ones listed above include:
  • Selling on eBay! If you have an old phone or an unused printer, or even hand-made crafts, you might think of auctioning them on eBay. Auctioning on eBay is free, and if you are lucky and have good marketing skills, you might earn some money from your items and unused stuff lying uselessly around your home. So look around and see what can be sold. Check out my article about making easy money on eBay with little effort!
  • Uploading Youtube videos. Uploading your original and unique Youtube videos that attract thousands of Youtubers can be rewarding if you choose to monetize your videos. In order for your videos to be considered for monetization, they should be your own work, and cannot include any copyrighted material. Also, the videos should be creative and interesting to drive attention to them. Many Youtubers like Vitalyzdtv and FouseyTube earn money from their interesting videos that are viewed by millions of viewers.
  • Completing tasks and online jobs. Websites such as Elance post paid jobs and tasks uploaded by individuals and organisations that can be performed online. However, you need to have certain skills as these jobs usually require professional expertise such as programming or professional writing.


Making money online is interesting and can be really rewarding if you put the right amount of time,effort and commitment into it. Generally, don't expect that you can live off well from what you make online; just consider the money you earn as extra pocket money, unless you are extremely good and fortunate at what you are doing and started earning thousands monthly. If so, then please share your experience with us in the comments below so other readers can get more ideas. For writing articles, remember that the key to success is high quality and interesting articles. To end this article, I thank you for taking your time reading my article and I hope you succeed in making some extra money online FOR FREE!


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