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Make Money Writing Online - Write Articles Online For Money

Are you interested in making money by writing online? There are literally hundreds of websites that will allow you to write articles online for money but there are definitely some top choices.
This page covers the 3 best and easiest websites to start making money writing online with. These websites all offer a great community and simple tools that are great for both beginners and advanced writers (regardless of computer and internet knowledge).

I am personally a member of all the websites suggested and have had success on all of them. How much success you will have on these article websites is entirely up to you and the effort and time you are willing to put in.
The best part about writing articles online for money is that anyone, anywhere is capable of starting. And the sooner you start, the sooner you can start earning.

Websites To Write Articles Online

For Money

1 - InfoBarrel


1 - Infobarrel

Become A Writer On This Popular Article Website

Infobarrel is generally right up near the top of people's lists when they think 'making money online by writing articles'.
Infobarrel is backed by a wonderful community of writers and is a great platform for beginners thanks to all the easy tools available. Payment from Infobarrel is based on Google Adsense or Amazon Associates accounts similar to HubPages which makes it a great idea to combine with your own blog.
Infobarrel allows you to create some impressive articles with tools that are simple enough for anybody to get a grasp of. Infobarrel is a great stepping stone for any freelance writer to make money online writing articles.
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What InfoBarrel Offers:

  • Large and active community willing to help.
  • Tonnes of simple and effective tools to create great pages.
  • Good potential earnings.

InfoBarrel Founder Interview

2 - HubPages


2 - HubPages

Join This Vibrant Community And Publish A Hub

HubPages has been a constant competitor to Squidoo (before it was shutdown in late 2014) and is another great website to publish and write articles to make money online.
Pages on HubPages are referred to as 'hubs' and each page generates a Hub Score (between 1 and 100) that scores the page based on many factors. Individual authors also have their own personal Hub Score. This Hub Score is not related to earnings on HubPages and is simply a helpful indicator of how your hub stacks up against other hubs.
Earnings from HubPages are mainly earned through using your own Google Adsense code and then receiving payment from Google when people click your ads. HubPages splits impressions between itself and the author of the page (you get 60% of the impressions). While HubPages is a great option to start writing online for money the requirement for a Google Adsense account (which also means a minimum of $100 before you will see your earnings) is a slight setback to many, especially beginners..
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What HubPages Offers:

  • Your own Sub-domain (for example
  • Payments through Google Adsense (great to combine with a blog payment)
  • A 60/40 revenue split.
  • The always fun Hub Score to help you keep track of your progress and quality of hubs.

A HubPage Guide For Newbies


3 - Wizzley


3 - Wizzley

A Great Online Platform To Publish Your Articles For Money

Wizzley is still reasonably new as far as article sites go (been around since 2009) but its willingness to listen and act on its member's opinions has quickly made it a popular online site to create articles for money online.
Wizzley gives users many different tools to create the best and most interesting online articles (freely and easily!). Adding images and YouTube vidoes is very simple and straightforward at Wizzley and is a great site for beginning and experienced writers looking to earn money online, but lack the computer and internet know how.
Wizzley's earning module is based on affiliates such as Google Adsense, Chitika. Amazon, AllPosters and Zazzle. With revenue being split 50/50 with the article author, once you publish over 50 articles this amount increases to 55% and eventually 60% after you have 100 high quality articles.

What Wizzley Offers:

  • Progressively better payouts (50%, 55% and 60%).
  • Payouts based on ad impressions and clicks, no need to worry about an internal ranking system.
  • A powerful set of tools to create and write your content.
  • An administration team willing to listen to your ideas.

How To Create A Page On Wizzley




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